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New soft EPDM responds better to compression

A closed-cell EPDM requires less closing force, achieves greater recovery and provides a better appearance than many similar materials.

epdmThe compound was developed to offer compression properties that are typically only attained with open-cell products.

Tested to ASTM D1056 standards, the low-density EPDM has a compression set of 5 to 10 percent and compression deflection of less than 2psi.

As a true closed-cell material, it resists water absorption.

This lightweight EPDM has a density of just 8pcf and may offer a superior alternative to urethane foam in certain applications.

Because it is extruded, rather than slit or skived, it features a cured rubber skin on all sides. This enhances durability and improves upon the pitted surface often associated with foam materials.

This compound also delivers all of the performance qualities of EPDM such as weatherability and UV resistance.

While initially designed to improve an automotive door skin, this material could enhance sealing performance in industries such as HVAC, containers, construction and other markets where excellent compression, weathering and aesthetic qualities are required.


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