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FAQ: What is the temperature range for silicone?

Silicone seals and gaskets typically have a high temperature limit of 400°F to 450°F and a low temperature limit of -65°F to -100°F.

However, this is only a general rule.  The performance properties for any seal or gasket will vary based on a number of factors.  

These include part design, length of exposure to extreme temperautures, the presence of harmful fluids and the specific compound formulation.

Silicone's ability to remain flexible in extreme cold and resist high heat often makes it the most attractive option for applications with demading temperature requirements.    

Lauren engineers can provide assistance with material and compounding options to ensure the right balance of properties is achieved for the end-use conditions of your application.   

Learn more about silicone's properties by visiting our silicone material pageTo see a comparison of all material properties, download our Design Guide


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