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Selecting a custom seal and gasket manufacturer

Choosing a custom seal and gasket manufacturer is based on a number of important factors.

The range of production capabilities, speed to market and the flexibility to respond to evolving customer needs are key to a long-term supplier relationship.

With these expectations in mind, here's a look at how collaboration can lead to superior sealing solutions for your application.

Custom Seal and Gasket Design 

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Consulting with our application engineers about the end use of your seal or gasket allows you to optimize its physical, mechanical and chemical resistance properties.

Lauren offers many design options include sponge and dense rubber as well as dual-durometer extrusions and a variety of finishing options.

n addition, Lauren is a custom plastic extrusions manufacturer, allowing it to provide even more ways to optimize your seal or gasket.

We also evaluate industry-specific challenges. Lauren has decades of experience serving diverse markets including building & construction, vehicle & transportation and industrial & consumer goods.



After analyzing materials and design, Lauren’s vertically integrated supply chain allows us to move your solution to market faster. We are a single-source supplier of rubber and plastics with the ability to produce both custom extrusions and molded parts.

Our engineers and R&D team work through our in-house silicone mixing facility to develop a solution that fits your time frame.

In addition, our in-house tool and die shop allows us to expedite the development of the extruded profiles required for your project.


Lean Manufacturing

Flexibility and efficiency in production can significantly lower costs, shorten lead times and improve reliability. This is made possible by our lean manufacturing philosophy.

Lauren receives multiple material deliveries each day and uses single-piece flow to more efficiently provide products to you. This also opens the capacity to accommodate customers' urgent needs.

Because of our focus on processes, customers can rely on Lauren for high-quality products and on-time deliveries.


Global Reach

A global supply network ensures you have access to the range of options needed to optimize sealing solutions for your application.

Our multi-national customer base benefits from Lauren’s robust quality system that addresses international requirements. We also offer full-sales coverage in the United States, Canada, and international locations.

Lauren can negotiate logistics to benefit a customer and individualize the shipping and drop-shipment of products.

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