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Meeting expectations for curtain wall gaskets

By developing a custom curtain wall gasket, you ensure a sealing system that is fully optimized for your unique application.

Custom Curtain Wall Gaskets

From the start of the design process, Lauren’s engineers work with you to consider a number of factors from materials to final installation.


Silicone Compatibility

Material compatibility is key to the ongoing performance for any curtain wall sealing system.

Lauren offers an in-house silicone mixing facility as well as R&D department with full laboratory testing capabilities. This advances the speed to market of your design while ensuring total quality control. As part of Cooper Standard's Industrial and Specialty Group, we can provide extensive material expertise. We are a single source supplier of both rubber and plastics. This includes rigid and flexible materials as well as sponge and dense silicone and EPDM.


Download the Seal & Gasket Design GuideEnvironment

Whether your curtain walls are assembled in the factory or the field, we tailor the design to ensure ease of installation. Compression requirements and seismic conditions also factor into the development of your gasket. We understand that corners present the greatest risk for leaks and pay special attention to this aspect of the design.



We know that meeting the demands of architects requires paying attention to more than form, fit and function. Lauren engineers sealing systems that effectively protect against the elements while matching the overall aesthetics of the building design.


Read our case study: Designing A Complex Curtain Wall Gasket


Our Curtain Wall Gasket Solutions Include:

  • Horizontal Rainscreen Gaskets
  • Stack Joint Gaskets
  • Vertical Rainscreen Gaskets
  • Primary Gaskets / Primary Seals
  • Secondary Gaskets / Secondary Seals
  • Vertical Air Seal Gaskets
  • Horizontal Air Seal Gaskets
  • Weather Seal Gaskets
  • Spacer Gaskets
  • Bed Gaskets
  • Setting Blocks
  • Glazing Gaskets / Glazing Seals
  • Pressure Plate Gaskets
  • Silicone Sheets
  • Foam Sheets
  • Bulb Gaskets
  • Coupling Gaskets


Learn more about optimizing curtain wall gaskets by contacting us or sending a drawing to be evaluated by our engineers.