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FEA technology for custom gasket design

The use of the latest in finite element analysis software allows Lauren to optimize seal and gasket designs quickly, resulting in shorter product development cycles.  

5. FEA Technology_1.jpgFEA simulates various forces on a particular gasket design to better understand the stress dynamics a part will undergo. Some of those stressors include:

  • External Pressure
  • Internal Pressure
  • Performance under heat or cold conditions
  • Deformities under pressure
Seal & Gasket Design Guide
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CASE STUDY: When a customer requested a more robust seal for long-term use and easier installation on commercial laundry machines, Lauren engineers used FEA software to begin and review trials. This showed current compression points for proof of failure when compressed.  

Engineers made various design changes that provide three key benefits.

  1.  Easier installation through use of HATS adhesive.
  2. Controlled prototyping costs
  3. Improved compression points for greater seal performance. 
In addition, our material experts recommended a switch in material that offered robust properties with a softer density.

This significantly reduced the pressure needed for a consumer to shut the appliance door.