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EPDM vs Neoprene

Selecting the right compound for your application ensures optimal performance of a seal or gasket without overpaying for materials.

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In this process, design engineers commonly face the choice of EPDM vs neoprene.

As EPDM’s popularity has increased, its pricing has become more competitive and may offer savings over neoprene in certain applications without compromising effectiveness.

Unless there is a need for the specific chemical/fluid resistance properties of neoprene, designers should explore if EPDM will provide them with a more economical sealing option.

EPDM and neoprene are both considered to be good all-purpose materials. They can be extruded and molded into a variety of sponge and dense products.

In addition, they both offer good resistance to weathering and abrasion.

However, EPDM is superior to neoprene in UV and Ozone resistance and may be more favorable when heat resistance is a factor. EPDM seals also provide better flexibility at low temperatures compared to neoprene.

EPDM seals are commonly used in outdoor applications such as windows and doors. But because of its versatility, EPDM lends itself to a number of additional markets including automotive and industrial products.

On the other hand, neoprene can provide a superior solution when flame resistance or resistance to oils and gasoline is required.

Lauren’s application engineers can evaluate the specific end-use conditions of your application in order to optimize the pricing, design and performance of a seal or gasket.

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While the specific compound formulation will affect the performance of any material, this chart offers a side-by-side comparison of the general properties of EPDM and Neoprene. Click on the image below or contact your sales representative to discuss the specific needs of your project.  

EPDM vs Neoprene Comparison Chart