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This EPDM door seal won't wick water

Lauren's EPDM door seal is designed for high-performance and easy installation.

EPDM Door SealConstructed of sponge and dense materials, the seal features a rigid support for easy kerf insertion.

The closed cell EPDM will not absorb or wick water. 

Our EPDM door seal also exhibits excellent weather, ozone and UV resistance. And because it is stable in high and low temperatures, it offers excellent compression set properties.

The low-friction surface ensures minimal coefficient of friction and provides protection against abrasion.

The door seal is available in standard reach (0.650”) and extended reach (0.825”).

Our standard reach door seals can be applied in a continuous fashion and can be used on all pertinent sides of the door: header, hinge and strike side. It is available in black, white, bronze and tan.

Learn more about EPDM properties as well as custom rubber extrusions for your next application. 


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