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Designing a complex curtain wall gasket

Gaskets for curtain wall systems often must meet high standards both for performance and architectural design. 

When a customer required a rainscreen gasket for a unique feature on a high-rise building, Lauren brought together a number of its manufacturing capabilities. 

Not only did the gasket need to seal a component with multiple corners, it also served as a highly-visible design detail. 

Due to the complexity of the application, a molded silicone gasket provided the solution.

curtain_wall_ss.pngRigid PVC plastic extrusions were added to the interior of the gasket using push pins. This created a method for attaching the gasket to the building component.  

Silicone proved to be best material due to its high-performance and ability to be colored to match the building's design.

During the part development process, a 3-D printed prototype helped ensure that the gasket would compress properly. This was a critical feature of the part, which was required to perform under demanding conditions. 

Notably, the project was made possible due to Lauren's diverse and integrated capabilities.

Those include custom rubber compounding, design engineering, rubber molding, rubber and plastic extrusion and part fabrication.

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