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Using a plastic extrusion to enhance EPDM rubber seals

By bonding a plastic extrusion to an EPDM profile, seal installation processes can be significantly improved.

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This co-polymer design is the foundation of Lauren's iDea Seal® process.  

By bonding plastic to rubber, the base of the seal is more rigid, allowing it to be easily inserted into a channel or kerf. This technique may provide an alternative to the use of low-friction coatings.

iDea Seals® can be designed for use in both slide-in or push-in applications. As an added benefit, these seals will not stretch. 

Many times, a dual-durometer EPDM extrusion is used to further enhance the ease 0f installation.  This allows the plastic to be attached to a dense rubber base for additional stability. An EPDM sponge profile then offers the necessary compression properties.

This technology is made possible by the use of compatible polymers that achieve a strong chemical bond.

iDea Seals® are available in standard and custom profiles and can improve product assembly in a wide range of industries.  They are an attractive option for outdoor applications due to EPDM's resistance to weathering.

To review drawings of standard profiles, view our Window and Door Solutions brochure.  Explore more parts, like the one pictured below, using our 360° product viewer. 

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What about silicone seals?

For applications that require a silicone seal, a mechanical connection can be used to attach a plastic base.