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A solution for extruded seal installation

An industry-leading appliance customer needed a center marking placed on each extruded seal for the purpose of precise installation. 

BR2B0369.jpgA misplaced mark or a missing mark would cause delays in assembly, costing valuable time.

To meet this need, Lauren developed a system that uses cameras and lasers to ensure precise application of a pink dot in the center of each seal.

One camera probes for the pink dot to ensure it has been applied to the seal. A second camera checks to make sure the profile faces the correct direction. If either camera detects an error, the cut function is disabled, and a computer screen displays a message that alerts the operator of the error.

This process decreases the chance for errors and increases the quality of the product delivered to the customer. This system would be useful for other processes, such as adhesive application, that require a specific profile orientation during manufacturing.

Lauren is committed to continuously improving processes and quality measures, giving customers confidence that Lauren will deliver on-spec products that meet performance requirements. Lauren’s engineers work with customers on product design and process development, providing customers with the best possible solution for their specific application.

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