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Lauren Manufacturing is now part of Cooper Standard Industrial and Specialty Group. Together we will provide many opportunities for customers to access the combined technology and material science of two leading sealing companies. Click here to learn more.

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A process to optimize seal and gasket design

It's important to fully understand how the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of a seal or gasket will affect performance in your specific application.

Download the Seal & Gasket Design GuideSeal and gasket design can be optimized for your project by tapping into the knowledge of Lauren’s application engineers.

You can look to Lauren as a single source supplier for both rubber extrusions and plastic extrusions as well as molded seals and gaskets.

Key Considerations

Careful consideration of the profile of your extrusion can help increase its performance as well as its aesthetics.

Our engineers have access to an in-house tool and die shop, which expedites the design and testing of custom extrusions.

Start by working with us to review the physical characteristics required for your seal or gasket such as closing force requirements. This aids in the selection of the material and ensures your seal performs under the demands of your application.

The sealing environment is an equally important factor. Our engineers work closely with our material science experts to identify key properties required for optimum performance.

Lauren engineers will help you evaluate a wide variety of value-added services that will ensure your seal or gasket is properly situated for the next stage of manufacturing.This includes cutting, splicing, adhesives and coating application as well as many other processes.

Our engineers have experience meeting the demands of numerous markets and applications and can work with you to solve simple to highly complex design challenges.