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A problem-solving silicone seal

There’s a simple rule when it comes to designing custom seals: Materials matter.

Particularly in a demanding environment where a failed seal can quickly lead to costly repairs.

Developing a custom silicone seal for automotive applications. That’s exactly what led one headlight housing manufacturer to search the market for a material that would hold tight in a high-heat application.

To prevent water penetration between the housing cap and the body, the customer explored both EPDM and silicone seal options. The company ultimately selected a sponge-silicone specifically formulated for the application by Lauren’s R&D team.

The material’s low-compression set meant that it could respond to the expansion and contraction of the housing’s more temperature sensitive polypropylene components. Lauren engineers optimized the design and ensured the seal did not inhibit the assembly of the housing cap.

This custom silicone seal is now being tested to meet the specifications of a major automotive manufacturer so that it can be expanded across other product lines.

The success of the project is a credit to significant investments Lauren has made in its material development capabilities as well as its engineering support.

"Customers want to speak with somebody who understands how their product works,” said Lauren application engineer Andrew Duggan. “Many times we’re working directly with their engineers, and we speak the same language.”

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