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A dual durometer plastic extrusion lowers costs

Lauren's custom plastic extrusion capabilities can benefit customers in a variety of applications.  

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For a heavy-duty automotive project, a manufacturer sought to improve upon a part that featured a steel stamping attached to a rubber flap.

Lauren redesigned the part, allowing it to be produced by co-extruding two separate plastic materials.

The dual durometer plastic extrusion provided the mix of properties required to effectively replace both the rubber and steel. That meant the need for a separate process to assemble these components was eliminated.

By using a plastic extrusion, the customer also was able to benefit from a reduction in material costs and part weight.  

Die cutting was used to produce the part’s complex geometry and tight tolerance features. For the final assembly, the co-extruded component was connected to another die-cut extrusion using plastic rivets.  A carefully designed work cell maximized efficiency while providing cues to ensure quality control.

Despite the complexity of the part, Lauren was able to deliver significant cost savings over the previous design.


Lauren engineers can evaluate the design and end-use conditions of your application to determine opportunities to use extruded plastic products.